February 2013 minutes
Minutes of the February 9, 2013 Board of Directors Meetiing – Uraku Tower

Members present: Iris Chung, Jack Donoghue, Katie Fagan, Marty Leftik, Bob McLaren, Mary Phillips, Arun Savara.
Excused: Bev Drill, Dick Swanson.

President Bob McLaren called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM.
Minutes of the January 19, 2013 meeting were approved as circulated.

Lily Johannessen was unanimously selected to complete the term of office vacated by Shelly Hershberger. She will serve as Membership Chair. Mary Phillips will serve as Secretary/Treasurer for 2013.


Game boards:
Bob and Patrick Kallaus will use the dealing machine to generate four sets of boards. Also 200 copies of hand records. Mary will provide the “DO NOT SHUFFLE” signs.
Iku Donnelly and Lily Johanessen will do the seeding and create the table seating chart for the game.
Lunch: Kathryn Lindsay will provide the lunch. The only thing she needs is a tablecloth which either Mary or Katie will bring.
Set up: Jack will help Wally Young with the set up. Mary will look into a portable sound system.

Check in: Katie will oversee the check in starting at 10:30 AM
Meeting:Scheduled to begin at 11:00 AM. Outgoing President Gay Conklin will open the meeting and give her remarks and recognitions. She will also introduce Incoming President Bob McLaren

The following volunteers will be recognized : Ruben Paet, Gary Rosenthal, Busaba Williams, Iku Donnelly, Lily Johanessen, and lecturers Marion McLaren, Godfrey Chang and Patrick Kallaus.
Leis: Katie and Bob will determine the number of leis Katie will purchase.

Awards: The Milton Kim Trophy will be presented to Glenn Mason by JoAnn Von Elsner. Mary will have it engraved and bring it to Ala Wai. Marty will handle the announcement of the Ace of clubs, Mini McKinney winners and member milestones. The SUGR winners will be announced at a later date. Katie will check on the Rookie Award.

Reports: Mary will give a brief Treasurer’s Report and will have copies for those who are interested. Glenn Mason will give the HCBUA report. Katie will check with the Hawaii Bridge Center about it’s report.
In memory of: Bob and Marty will finalize the list of members who passed away in 2012
Suggestions for 2014: Start planning earlier and look into the possibility of having the meeting in March.

OTHER BUSINESS: Wally Young asked the Board’s permission to announce the Honolulu Bridge Club games (i.e. Elks Club games) at Unit 470 games. Since these games are open, there was no objection. Arun announced the First ACBL online bridge event: a GNT championship May 12-13, 2013 on Bridge Base Online. Players who qualified for the GNT at any flight at the 2012 qualifying games are elibigle to participate. If interested, Contact Arun Savara 779-8200 or arun.savara@gmail.com. By 03/15/2013.

NEXT MEETING: March 24, 2013 at 11:00 AM. Ala Wai Club House.

Respectfully submitted, Iris Chung