March 2013 minutes


Minutes of March 24, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting – Ala Wai Golf Clubhouse

Members present: Bob McLaren, Bev Drill, Mary Phillips, Katie Fagan, Jack Donoghue, Iris Chung

Excused: Arun Savara, Lily Johanessen


President Bob McLaren called the meeting to order at 11:05am.


Ruben Paet will continue as webmaster until a new webmaster is located. Bob will speak with Ruben.


The board approved the request of Patrick Kallaus to take the dealing machine and boards to the Kauai Sectional. Kauai is part of Unit 470. The machine will be moved as carry-on luggage, and the boards will be checked baggage. If something happens to the machine or boards Kauai will share responsibility for fixing them. Also, Patrick will do the organization necessary for fixing the machine if it is broken.


The board approved the use of the dealing machine by the clubs. The club director must apply to Bob to use the machine. They must provide their own boards. For help in maintenance a $10 fee will be charged each time they use the machine. The $10 should be paid by check to Unit 470.


Treasurer’s Report: (Mary Phillips) The unit cash balance as of Feb 28, 2013 is $24189.00. The unit's loss as of February 28 is ($1266.00), of this loss $685.00 was for the annual meeting.

Tournament Chair: (Bev Drill) In the May sectional we will provide a free play to each person that plays in a Saturday game with less than 100 master points. The free play can only be used on the following Sunday for the Swiss game. They will be receiving a free play and free lunch. Iris Chung will be making the free play cards.


The May Sectional Sunday Swiss game will contain two sections. In one section each player must have less than 500 points. The other section will be open. A player with less than 500 points can choose to play in either section. This has been approved for this sectional only and will be reviewed after the game.


Once a teacher is located we will offer a free lesson once a month to anyone with 0 to 199 points. The lesson will begin one hour before the Sunday game. The student can then play in the Sunday game for a cost of $5. Date and teacher still to be determined.


We do not have confirmation on Ala Wai dates beyond the end of April. Bev has received confirmation on the May sectional date.


Hospitality: Katie Fagan reported that we had 31and 1/2 tables at the annual meeting. Kathryn Lindsay will be doing the May Sectional.


Annual Meeting: Bob McLaren suggested we move the annual meeting to late April next year. This would give the new board more time to plan the event. The board concurred. Katie Fagan suggested the signups for the meeting include a spot the member can check to play in a 299’er game. A survey will be done in several months asking members if they want to do the luncheon at a hotel or the Ala Wai next year. Cost issues will be explained in the survey.


Website Issues: Mary Phillips will contact Manny about the website domain name and will investigate what the unit needs to do.


Bev Drill is going to check with Gay Conklin about the 2012 Jim Bishop award.


Next Meeting: The next meeting will be at the Ala Wai at 11am on April 28th.


Respectfully submitted: Katie Fagan