May 2013 minutes
Minutes of ACBL Unit 470 Board Meeting, May 26, 2013
The meeting was called to order at the Ala Wai Golf Course at approximately 11:15 a.m.  Members present were, Bob McLaren, Jack Donoghue, Mary Phillips, Katie Fagan, Iris Chung and Arun Savara.
New Business:
The minutes of March 24th and April 28th were approved.
The June 16th and June 30th games will be held at the Moilii Community Center.  Jack Donoghue is organizing the logistics.  (Subsequent to this the June 30th game has relocated to Manoa.)
It was decided the incentives for free play for the July sectional will be the same as those in the May sectional to encourage new players to participate.
The Sunset Bridge Club in Kauai has suspended one of their bridge players.  Unit 470 will create a discipline committee to evaluate t he course of action for Unit 470.  The proposed members are Everett Fukushima (currently the Unit’s Recorder), Muriel Stitt and Mark Bennett.  Bob will approach the individuals to determine their willingness to participate.

Treasurer’s Report

As of April 30th the operating loss for the Unit is ($2416.00).  This includes funds collected and expended for the annual meeting.  The current bank balance at April 30, 2013 is $25,265.00.  A question was raised as to the IRS limitations on the amount of cash on hand the Unit is allowed to hold from year to hear based on the status of a 501 c 4 organization.  The Treasurer will do some research on the subject.

Tournament Chair

Bob McLaren and Jack Donoghue met with Erin who is responsible for assigning the dates at the Ala Wai.  Erin has reported that her efforts are to assign the dates equitably.  The application for the September 1- December 31, 2013 period must be submitted by July 1, 2013.  It was decided to delay any sort of action outside of the normal application process to secure dates until the results for the application for that period are awarded.
Jack Donoghue will visit the Wailupe Park Center to determine if that is an alternative location for the weekly games. 

Hospitality Chair

The election Swiss and the Christmas party is usually the 2nd Sunday in December.  This year it will be held on December 15, 2013 and will be a two-session event.
The World Bridge Game will be held June 8, 2013 and will be a one-session event.  The unit will provide snacks.