July 2013 minutes
Unit 470 Board of Directors Meeting was held on July 6, 2013.  The meeting convened at 10:15 a.m.  Present were Bob McLaren, Iris Chung, Jack Donoghue, Arun Savara, Bev Drill, Lily Johannessen and Mary Phillips. 
Meeting of the last minutes were approved with one correction regarding the December game.  The December Election Swiss is a two-session event.  The corrected minutes were approved and will be submitted for posting to the website.
Treasurer’s Report
As of May 31, the unit had $25,293 in the bank.  The year to date loss through May 31, 2013 is $2,792.
Tournament Chair Report:
     Jack Donoghue and Bob McLaren submitted the request to the Ala Wai for the September 2013 through December 2013 period.  Bob McLaren called Erin, the Ala Wai personnel in charge of the schedule, and she confirmed that the request had been received.  An answer is expected by August 1.
Games are scheduled at the Ala Wai for Sunday, August 25th and at the Academy of the Pacific for Saturday, August 31, which in effect, creates five play dates in August.  The 7th of September will be the “1st” play date of September, however, if the Ala Wai approves all of the requested dates for September, there will be five play dates in September as well.  A similar situation occurs at the end of November and will be addressed at the time the September through December dates are confirmed by the Ala Wai.
The ACBL has instituted a program whereby additional points may be earned by members who participate in Grass Roots Fund events.  For a designated event, there will be a $1.00 surcharge that will be paid to the ACBL (and subsequently distributed to the district).  The funds will be segregated in a separate fund specifically designated to assist winners of NAP events with funds to be used for attendance at the national final event. 
Discussion ensued as to whether or not to participate in the Grass Roots events.  A question was raised in regard to the actual distribution of funds; were all funds going to be distributed to the finalists or were some funds going to be retained by the district or ACBL?  Arun Savara will check out the actual financial distribution of funds to determine the beneficiaries.  The Friday games in each sectional were discussed as a possible candidate for the events.
Hospitality Chair report not available.
Publicity Chair
Iris Chung will continue to work with Ruben on the website postings.  Arun Savara will meet with Ruben to review website maintenance and will become the website backup. 
Membership Chair
Lily will monitor the in and out reports for the unit, and will work with Ruben to put information and congratulations regarding new milestone winners on the website.  Lily will request the missing SUGR reports from Steve Bruns.  We will be giving SUGR awards at the annual meeting of Unit 470.
The Sunset Bridge Club has banned a member of their club for life.  Unit 470 has no jurisdiction in the decision of private clubs regarding participation; however, it does have jurisdiction regarding sanctioned events.  The member has appealed to the Unit with a letter to Unit 470.  Bob McLaren responded to the member requesting a letter from her outlining the factual reasons for the appeal.  If the member responds with factual reasons then a committee will have to be convened to review the facts as presented and to present a determination. 
District 20 has codified the election procedures for the Area Representatives to District 20.  We are in Area 4 which includes Oahu, Hawaii, and Maui.  Each board in Area Four is to hold an election for the representative and if all boards vote for the same person then there is no problem.  If, however, the boards vote to elect different people then the boards are to resolve the issue amongst the boards and to designate the representative.
It as suggested that the unit hold an IMP Pair event at one of the tournaments.  This will be discussed with Patrick Kallaus as to the viability of such an event.  Purchase of new Bridge Score units will lessen the work needed to conduct such an event, and will allow the unit to use them in all Swiss Team events, however, it is estimated the upgrade to the new system will cost $100.00 per unit.  Lily will confirm the cost.  The possibility was discussed of sharing some of the cost with HCBUA in exchange for usage at the Hawaii Regional.
Bob Liu has volunteered his services to conduct a teaching program before the Sunday game at the Ala Wai.  The program would be ½ - 1 Hour long and would be for four –six consecutive weeks.  Other possible resources for learning bridge are Bridge in a Day at Whirlwindbridge.com.
The next board meeting will be held August 11th, 2013 at the Ala Wai before the game at 11:00 a.m.