August 2013 minutes

ACBL Unit 470 Board Meeting Minutes August 11, 2013
Meeting began at approximately 11:30 and was held at the Ala Wai Golf Course.  Board members present:  Bob McLaren, Iris Chung, Bev Drill, Arun Savara and Jack Donoghue.
Word has still not been received from the Ala Wai regarding usage of that facility for the allowable dates for the September through December 2013 period.  Bob McLaren advised he will go to their office to check on the availability if no word is received by August 12th
Treasurer Report.
The YTD loss as of July 31, 2013 is ($3551.00).  The cash in the bank is $ 24,584.00.
Club Manager/Tournament Director
The District 20 finals for the GNT (Grand National Teams) and the NAP (North American Pairs) will be held online in 2013.  The NAP District 20 Final is scheduled for October 26th and October 27th (Saturday & Sunday.)  Members wishing to participate will need to provide their own tablet or laptop computer.  Arun will test the Ala Wai  to see if a wireless hotspot can be established at that location.  Arun currently has a lease with a service provider that allows him to employ a wireless hotspot at variable locations.  If he can establish the hotspot he would like us to consider paying the monthly fee for the service until such time as it is no longer needed as he had planned to give up the service. 
The members of the unit in Kauai have requested the use of the dealing machine for the Kauai Sectional in 2014.  The sanction will be applied for in the near future.  The board discussed the possibility of loaning the dealing machine to the Kauri unit for the event.  One of the conditions suggested was that the unit would consider loaning the dealing machine provided Patrick is the attending director for the event.
The board agreed to continue the policy of free plays for the Sunday Swiss in the Sectionals to those who play in the Saturday afternoon 0-100 mp game. 
Advertising Publicity.
The September newsletter is under construction and will be completed shortly.  The letters to the members who are eligible for free plays in the 35 & Counting Sectional to be held in September have been mailed.   
Three coffee urns have been purchased; one is to be kept at the Academy of the Pacific and the other two are to be stationed at the Ala Wai.
Due to the policy established by the ACBL national organization there will be no Grass Roots Fund events in 2013 (This has changed subsequent to the receipt of new information.)
An upgrade for the current Bridge Scoring units is under consideration.  Lily will secure the terms and financial cost for the upgrade.  This will be discussed at the next meeting. 
There have been various reports the AOP location is in need of a new printer.  Mary Phillips has one to donate and will coordinate this with the directors at the AOP.
Gay Conklin attended the meeting.  She requested she be appointed the Unit Educational Director and presented a general outline of the type of actions she would undertake in this position to build bridge attendance.  The motion was put forth by Bob McLaren to appoint Gay as the Unit Educational Coordinator and was seconded by Mary Phillips.  The Board approved the appointment.
The next board meeting was tentatively scheduled for September 15th at the game location.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:30