September 2013 minutes

Minutes of September 15, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting
Members present:  Bob McLaren, Lily Johannessen, Bev Drill, Katie Fagan, Iris Chung, Mary Phillips, Jack Donoghue, Arun Savara
The minutes were approved with the correction of changing Gay Conklin’s title from Educational Director to Educational Liaison.
Treasurer’s Report:  As of September 1st we are once again paying for use of the Ala Wai.  Mary Phillips, treasurer, has to give them a financial statement showing nonprofit status.
Club Chair:  Bev Drill and Jack Donoghue reported that the game location for Oct 19 and Nov 9th is the Academy.  The game on the 19th will begin at 10 and the 9th at 1pm.  Jack will send the dates and times to Ruben for the website.  They are trying to get the Academy for Dec. 7 or 8.  Our Sept to Dec request to the Ala Wai gave us 9 full days and 5 half days.  Bev and Jack are turning in the requests for January through June on October 1st.  They are assembling the dates for all special events.  The Chinese Hall has been looked at as a place for games.  To use it we would have to clean, paint, buy chairs and racks.  It could not be used in the month of April.
Tournament Chair:  Arun Savara is keeping the hotspot at least through April 30th.  We need it until that date to cover the GNT finals.  He will inquire if the cost is deductible.  We will have a grass roots game on Friday of our November sectional.
Hospitality Chair:  The board agreed to guarantee 100 people for lunch to the caterer during the Sunday Swiss games for the September and November Sectional.
Publicity Chair:  Iris Chung made flyers announcing date of GNT. 
Old Business:  Bob McLaren is going to ask HCBUA if they will share the cost of new bridge pads that are capable of being used during Swiss games.
New Business:  Muriel Stitt is going to run an Intermediate/Newcomer program.  The first will be at the Jim Bishop tournament  with lunch served and a talk by Godfrey Chang to the 0-99 group.
Busaba Williams and Bob Liu have found a place in Aina Haina where they are planning on giving lessons.
Lily Johannessen is going to check milestones and notify Ruben so he can post them on our web site.  Arun Savara and Bob McLaren are checking with Manny on how to post the hands and scores that directors are currently posting on the acbl website on the unit website.  It would be nice to have the information on our website instead of acbl so members would see game schedules etc.
The next meeting will be November 9th at the AOP.
Respectfully Submitted:  Katie Fagan