October 2013 Minutes

Minutes of October 19, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting
Members present:  Bob McLaren, Lily Johannessen, Bev Drill, Katie Fagan, Iris Chung, Mary Phillips, Jack Donoghue, Arun Savara
The September 2013 minutes were approved with the correction of spelling for HCBUA and Bob McLaren, not Mary Phillips is checking with HCBUA on the sharing of costs for buying new bridge pads capable of doing Swiss games.
Club Chair:  We need to decide if we will use the Academy or Manoa for days we do not get the Ala Wai.  We pay $209 for the Academy.  Jack will ask Muriel Stitt to check on price for Manoa, and if there is storage for our tables.  The decision will be made after we receive the calendar from the Ala Wai, and we know comparative costs for Manoa and the Academy.
Arun will speak with the directors about buying the Bridge Composer program so they can post scores on the Unit 470 site.  The unit will reimburse the director for this charge.
Bev Drill will order new boards and cards so we can have boards made ahead for all unit games.  Mary Phillips will buy 4 thumb drives to accompany the boards.  Mary will also keep two sets of prepared boards and a thumb drive with her for emergencies.
Our discussion was that the working director will make the boards for the next week.  It should always be random selection.  The director will print hand records for the game.  We need to ask the directors how much extra they would like to be paid for each set of made boards.  Office Max gives us a discount in printing.
Hospitality:  We decided to guarantee 100 people to caterer for Election Swiss.  From last year’s attendance we only expect 80-90 to attend.  Katie Fagan also turned in an after action report on the Instant Match Point Game.  This will be an action item for a summer meeting.  Katie will bring the lunch for the NAP finals on Saturday and Sunday.
New Business:  Mary Farrell has been nominated to serve on the board.  Bob McLaren will speak with Mary.  Iris Chung will get a photo to include on the slate of directors.
Marty Leftik gave a proposal for a new Mentor program.  He wants to use Google Groups.  Bob will contact Ruben Paet saying that Marty will set up the program.  Marty will be the contact person.  The mentees should be Unit 470 members.  There was discussion that we would try and get the clubs to host mentor/mentee games.  Also we are looking for incentives for people to act as mentors.  Possibly, there could be free plays offered.   Marty is going to get back with us with guidelines for the program.
The next meeting will be on November 24th at the Ala Wai at 11:00 am.
Respectfully Submitted:  Katie Fagan