November 2013 minutes

Minutes of November 24, 2013 Board Meeting
Members Present:  Bob McLaren, Lily Johannessen, Katie Fagan, Iris Chung, Mary Phillips, Arun Savara
The October 19, 2013 minutes were approved.
Club Chair:  We want to book Academy of the Pacific for January and February.  We need dates immediately for our newsletter.  Because of table transportation we want to only have two venues.   We are still investigating the use of Manoa for our second site.  Cost, days, and storage are being checked by Jack Donoghue and Muriel Stitt.
Tournament Chair:  We have decided to keep CLEAR internet service at this time.  It travels to our different sites.
Hospitality:  We ran out of food for the Sunday, November sectional.  If we have a large turnout at a future sectional, extra food should be ordered from the building restaurant.    People could also be offered $6 to eat in the restaurant.  Muriel Stitt is going to try and give us some advance numbers for new people attending the Election Swiss in December.
Publicity Chair:  Iris Chung is doing the December newsletter and the flyer for the Election Swiss.  She needs the sites and dates for January as soon as possible.  We are offering the free play again for the March Sectional.  In the B/C/D section no single player may have more than 750 points.
Membership:  Lily Johannessen will check with Marty Leftik about ordering the medals for Mini McKenney.  She will also check with him about the Ace of Clubs and with Steven Bruns about the SUGR awards.
Old Business:  There were no new nominations for the Board.  Bob McLaren will present the slate at the Election Swiss.  Bob also reported that HCBUA will give us $1500 to buy new bridge pads. We must maintain them.  We will buy 30 units.  Lily Johannessen will order them and have them sent to Mary Phillips store.  We will not be buying the Bridge Composer programs.  The ACBL site gives a file that can be downloaded to our site.
New Business:  For the next two games (Nov 30, and Dec 7) Patrick Kallaus will be making the boards.  We will pay him $7.50 per set.  After that Cheryl Young will begin making the boards.  Katie Fagan will bring the boards for the Nov 30 and Dec 7 game.
We discussed naming  the March Sectional after Angela Garrell who gave us a nice donation.  Within the sectional it would be good to have a game named after Birgir Holmquist.  Iris informed us the ACBL approval process has already been completed for the March sectional and the Angela Garrell  sectional will have to be a later date.
Bob McLaren will talk to Ruben Paet about deleting the old scores for the Women’s Center.  It should now show only Cheryl Young’s game for the Center.
Gay Conklin spoke about her plans for the Learn Bridge in a Day program.  She wants to hold it Monday evening, January 13, 2014,  during the Regional.  The plan is to charge $10 per person.  HCBUA has agreed to subsidize her $700.  The unit will give her $350.  The rest will be made up in participant charge.  Gay will speak with Glen Mason about the parking charge.
Our next meeting will be on January 11th at the Academy at 11am.
Respectfully Submitted:  Katie Fagan