Feb 2014 Minutes

Unit 470 Board of Directors Meeting -February 15, 2014


Present:  Bob McLaren, Mary Phillips,  Arun Savara, Mary Farrell, Katie Fagan, Bev Drill, Jack Donoghue, Lily Johannessen     -     Excused:  Iris Chung


President Bob McLaren called the meeting to order at 11am at the Academy of the Pacific.  The minutes of the January 11, 2014 meeting  were approved.


Treasurer:  Mary Phillips gave the treasurer’s report and discussed the unit’s operating deficit.  The board decided to maintain a $15,000 reserve.  This would cover higher rents, salaries, equipment, and  emergencies.  They voted to raise unit game cost to $7 per person beginning April 1st.  They voted not to raise sectional costs at this time.  Bob and Mary will discuss the unit finances at the Annual Meeting.


Membership:  Mary Farrell said we have two transfers into the unit.  Mary is contacting ACBL to get more membership applications.


Partnership:  Lily Johannessen is going to refer partnership requests for club games to the club owners. 


Tournament and Club Chair:   We must have our calendar requests in to the Ala Wai by April 1st.  Our priority requests are for our sectionals and the Election Swiss.  The Election Swiss will be on December 7th, because the Honolulu Marathon is the 14th.  Jack Donoghue reported Wally needs to give 72 hour notice to get into the Club Locker at the Ala Wai.  We need someone to sort the bridge pads.  Lily Johannessen and Mary Farrell volunteered to do this.  Bev Drill told us we now have enough bid boxes for the Academy and the Ala Wai.  We are to leave one timer at the Academy and one at the Ala Wai.   Jack Donoghue will find a person to transport the bridge pads between playing places. 


Vice President:  Arun Savara cancelled the internet we had for the NAP games.  He is telling Patrick Kallaus to please get a Hot Spot for his phone.


Hospitality:  Katie Fagan reported we presently have 23 tables for the Annual Meeting.  Kathryn Lindsay is doing the luncheon for $9 a person.  It is an upgraded lunch from our sectionals.


New Business:  For Annual Meeting

Muriel Stitt was nominated and voted to be awarded the Milton Kim award.  Bob McLaren will contact JoAnn Von Elsner about presenting the trophy

Lily is contacting Steve Bruns for the winners of the SUGR Awards and Iris Chung for the Free Play slips.

Katie Fagan is sending names for trophies to Mary Farrell and Bob McLaren.

Mary Farrell is having trophies engraved.

Bob McLaren is sending Katie number of leis needed.

Bob McLaren is sending out draft agendas.  Please send him additions and corrections.

Lily and Mary will be presenting membership awards.  They will tell people to check website for member milestones.


Gay Conklin gave a report on the Learn Bridge in a Day.  She is working to find other places for the program presentation.


The next meeting will be April 12th at the Academy of the Pacific at 11am.


Respectfully submitted:  Katie Fagan