April 2014 Minutes


Present: Bob McLaren. Iris Chung, Jack Donoghue. Bev Drill, Katie Fagan, Mary Farrell, Mary Phillips, Arun Savara.  Excused: Lily Johannessen

President Bob McLaren called the meeting to order at 11:00 AM at the Academy of the Pacific.

Trasurer’s Report: loss through March 31 is $2134.00.  Bank Balance as of March 31, 2014 is $18712.00

Club Chair Report: 
The Buuny Hop Swiss on April 20, 2014 will be a charity event for the Hawaii Food Bank.
Katie Fagan will be the custodian of the Boards and Dealing Machine.
Mary Farrell will be the custodian of the Bridge Pads.

Tournament Chair Report:
GNT finals will be held at the Ala Wai Club House on May 4, 2014 starting at 8:00 AM. 
Sectional Friday AM one session Swiss will continue to be a Grass Roots game.
July Sectional will be the ANGELA GORRELL MEMORIAL SECTIONAL … recognizing the generous bequest she left to Unit 470 which has allowed the Unit to purchase the dealing machine, updated bridge pads, new tables and other items which have made play more efficient and enjoyable.
Also, the Unit honors the late  Ken Lindsay with the KEN LINDSAY MEMORIAL STRATIFLIGHTED SWISS on the Sunday of this Sectional.  Ken’s daughter Kathryn will say a few words prior to the game.

Hospitality Chair Report:
The Annual Meeting was a success.  There were 36 tables which is an increase over 2013.
There will be further discussions on whether to keep the same format

Publicity Chair Report:
The April News was distributed .  The  Angela Gorrell Memorial Sectional flyer was approved by ACBL and will be  distributed on the Sunday of the Jim Hopkins Sectional. The 2014 Roster is
being sold for $1.00. (see Mary Farrell).

Membership Chair Report:
Bob McLaren will check with ACBL so Mary Farrell can receive the in and out reports.

Old Business:
Bob McLaren will request additional Ace of Clubs Certificates.
The menu on Unit470.org has been changed.  The item Bridge Class Schedule now includes “Teachers”.  The class data is updated and  private bridge lesson teachers are  listed here.

New Business:
Unit 470 will hold a Longest Day Bridge event. Jack Donoghue will register with ACBL and request an extension  of our Ala Wai time on June 22nd.  Mary Farrell will coordinate the food and other details.
Mary Farrell  will get the Jim Bishop trophy and have it properly engraved.  Winners: Bob and Jo Jean Schieve.

Mary Farrell will check with Marty Leftik re the names for the 35 Years and Counting Sectional.
There will be no Bridge Pad refurbishment at this time.
NABC 2018: Bob McLaren  will contact the ACBL to determine what the ACBL expects the Unit to  handle re the planning and during the tournament.

Next Meeting: May 24, 2014.  11:00 AM at Academy of the Pacific.

Respectfully Submitted,  Iris Chung, Secretary