May 2014 Minutes


Present: Bob McLaren. Iris Chung, Jack Donoghue. Katie Fagan, Mary Farrell, Mary Phillips.
Excused: Bev Drill, Lily Johannessen, Arun Savara

President Bob McLaren called this special  meeting to order at 11:45 AM at the Academy of the Pacific.
MINUTES: April 12, 2014 minutes approved.

LONGEST DAY:  Jack Donoghue will register the event with ACBL.   A two - session Swiss Team with a pot luck lunch will be held on June 22, 2014 from 9AM to 4:30 PM at the Ala Wai Club House.  The entry fee will be $10 per player per session- .    Following the format the Board established for sectionals (as of July, 2014) , it will be a stratiflighted event. A/X (A:1250+, X: 0-1250)   B/C/D (B:500-750, C: 200-500, D: 0-200) 20 Victory Point scale.  Eight rounds of six boards.
 Katie Fagan and Mary Farrell will coordinate the pot luck  lunch .  The Unit will provide the cold cuts and rolls for sandwiches and there will be sign up sheet for salads and desserts.
 Mary Farrell will contact Eric Batalon  of the  Aloha Chapter of the Alzheimer Association re the snacks the association will provide.

LEARN BRIDGE IN A DAY: Gay Conklin will teach a special LBIAD   session for members of the Aloha Chapter at the Wailupe Community Center on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Katie Fagan will book the room .  The Aloha Chapter will provide the snacks.

MEMBERSHIP CHAIR REPORT:  Mary Farrell will pick up the Jim Bishop Trophy, before September,  and have it engraved.  She will also send Ruben the Milestones as she receives them from the In and Out ACBL reports.


OLD BUSINESS:  Bob has received a set of Ace of Clubs certificates and will follow up on the 2018 NABC to ensure that Unit 470 is the immediate contact.
Unit Saturday/Sunday games are numbered in strict chronological order. For example, June 7 is the 1st  game in June and June 15 is the 2nd game in June although it is, by the calendar, the third Sunday.
NEXT MEETING:  If necessary, the next meeting will be on June 15, 2014 at 1l:30 AM at the Ala Wai Club House.