June 2014 Minutes


Present : Bob McLaren, Iris Chung, Jack Donoghue,  Bev Drill, Katie Fagan,  Mary Phillips.
Excused: Lily Johannessen, Mary Farrell, Arun Savara

Minutes of the May 10, 2014 Board Meeting were approved as circulated. 

Treasurer”s Report:  Cash Balance: $16, 586.  Loss: Year to Date: $2, 815.  This figure includes the prepayment to the City for the use of Ala Wai from July – December 2014 and the expenses of the Annual Meeting.

Tournament Chair Report:   (1) The Board decided to keep the September Sectional as the 35 Years & Counting Sectional  provided that the ACBL can readily provide the names of the members  who joined in 1979.  The list of honorees  maintained on the website has been deleted.  (2)Sectional players in the 0-100 game on Saturday afternoon will receive a discounted entry fee of $8.00 per player to the Sunday Swiss. At present there is no charge.  The entry fee for all other players remains at $17 per player.
(3) Unit qualifying games   for the North American Pairs (NAP): June 28, July 19 and August 10

Publicity Chair Report:  The program for the Angella Gorrell Sectional is on the website and has also been printed and distributed..  The 35 Years & Counting will be on the website and distributed AFTER the
July Sectional. 

Old Business:  NABC 2018.  .  Communications regarding the tournament have been established.
We will be hearing from the Advance Person next year. 

New Business:  Following the advice of his doctor, Jack Donoghue has resigned from the Board.
Bev will take over the Club Chair responsibilities until a replacement for Jack is named. 

Next Meeting: August 10 at Ala Wai.

Respectfully submitted,

Iris Chung, Secretary