January 2015 minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Bob McLaren at 11:00 am at the Community Church of Honolulu.

Present: Bob McLaren, Iris Chung, Bev Drill, Katie Fagan, Mary Farrell, Lily Johannessen, Bill Pearman, Mary Phillips. Excused:, Arun Savara.

Minutes: The Minutes of the November 23, 2014 meeting were approved as circulated and will be placed on the web site.

2015 Officers and Chairs: President, Bob McLaren; Vice President, Bill Pearman; Secretary & Publicity Chair, Iris Chung; Treasurer, Mary Phillips; Club & Tournament Chair, Bev Drill; Hospitality Chair, Katie Fagan; Membership & Partnership Co Chairs, Mary Farrell and Lily Johannessen.

Treasurer’s Report: December balance cash $13827.00 Operating Loss through December 2014 $5333.00. Total Net Loss $6323.00

Club & Tournament Chair Report: The Board approved a donation to the Community Church of Honolulu . The Board acknowledges the need for new tables. Iris and Bev will look for tables and report back.

Publicity Chair Report: Working on the flyer for the GNT finals.

Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting and Lunch will be on March 8, 2015 at the Ala Wai. Katie will negotiate with Fatboys regarding the lunch menu. Iris is responsible for the flyer and the preregistration forms. Katie will accept the mail in registration forms. Entry fee for the game and lunch is $10 per member and $12 per non Unit 470 players. Mary Farrell will collect the Milton Kim and Rookie of the Year trophies and have them engraved with the names of the new recipients. Lily will make the arrangements for the leis for the directors. There will be a group recognition for the teachers. Bev will order the Mini-McKenney medals. Iris will do the SUGR free play coupons. Bob will determine the winners. Lily will handle the seeding. The registration deadline is February 22, 2015. In memoriam: Karen Lanke, David Kayner, Ellie Williston , L. Wayne Bennett, George Topic and Marion Hotchkiss will be remembered.

New Business: Bill Pearman will coordinate with Arun on the purchase of an amplifier.

Mary Phillips, Muriel Stitt, Merle Stetser and Gay Conklin were reappointed to the HCBUA Board. Lily will look into the purchase of new updated bridge pads and also the possibility of selling the old models.

Next Meeting: February 22, 2015