February 2015 Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President Bob McLaren at 11:00 a.m. at the Ala Wai Club House.
Present: Bob McLaren, Iris Chung, Bev Drill, Katie Fagan, Lily Johannessen, Bill Pearman, Mary Phillips. Excused: Mary Farrell.

Minutes: The Minutes of the January 17, 2015 meeting were approved as circulated and will be uploaded to the website.
Treasurer’s Report: The preliminary January cash balance : $15,000. The full report will be made
available to all members at the Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Checklist:
Milton Kim Trophy awardee: Ann Bernson, Presenter: Bob McLaren
Rookie Trophy awardees: Regina Liu, Linda Uyechi, Presenter: Bob McLaren
Recognition and leis: Bob will recognize Game Directors and Non Board Chairs who will receive leis.
Mary Farrell will assist. Lily has ordered the leis which will be picked up by Mary F.
Lecturers: Will be announced by Bob . Muriel and Bev will give him the names.
Teachers: Bob will ask the teachers to stand to be recognized.
Mini McKenney medals, Ace of Clubs certificates, SUGR free plays (Iris will print 13 free play coupons) presenter: Bob McLaren. Mary F. will assist.
Lunch: Katie has made the arrangements with Fatboys. Mary Phillips will follow through.
Game Seeding: Lily will complete the seeding. Iris will print the player cards. Bev and Iris will handle the
check in.
Game Boards: Katie will make up the game boards.

Club & Tournament Chair Report: Bev distributed the July – December request for Ala Wai for review by the board. Any additions and/or corrections should be sent to Bev ASAP. Everything is set for the Honolulu (March) Sectional. The Kauai unit has been informed that Unit 470 is not responsible for the printing and distribution of its sectional flyer.
Hospitality Chair Report: The Board approved a $15 budget for the snacks at Unit games.
Publicity Chair Report: Programs for the Jim Hopkins (May) and Kamehameha (July) Sectionals have been sent to ACBL for approval.

Old Business:
CCH donation has been presented to the Church.
The Sale and purchase of Bridge Pads is complete.
New tables: Iris presented the best choices from the internet. Bev will check to see what is available
Arun will be contacted by Bill re the purchase of a PA system.
An increase in Director’s fees for special events such as the World Bridge and STac games was approved.
New Business: Lily and Mary F will notify Ruben directly when new masterpoint milestones should be posted on the website.
Next Meeting: May 02, 2015. Date subsequently changed via email notice to May 10, 2015 at Ala Wai