January 2016 Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President Bob McLaren at 11:00 A.M. at the Ala Wai Club House. Present: Bob McLaren, Iris Chung, Katie Fagan, Mary Farrell, Naomi Nortman, Bill Pearman, Mary Phillips, Ruth Tschumy. Excused: Bev Drill, Lily Johannessen

MINUTES: The Minutes of the November 21, 2015 were approved and will be uploaded to website.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Cash balance: $10, 686

CLUB & TOURNAMENT CHAIR REPORT: The Inter Island Championship will be held on Jan 31, 2016. The Unit game for the first week of April will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Kailua starting at 1 PM. The application for the use of Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse Facility for July – December 2016 is being worked on and will be submitted to the City’s Parks & Recreation Department on March 1 No game on Christmas weekend. The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday April 10, 2016 at the Ala Wai Clubhouse. The Board will continue discussions on the location . KDP provides a better possibility for food resources.

PUBLICITY CHAIR REPORT: The Honolulu Sectional Program will be distributed at the Hawaii Regional and also placed on the website.

NEW BUSINESS: The 2016 Officers will be: President-Bob McLaren, Vice President – Bill Pearman, Secretary – Iris Chung, Treasurer – Mary Phillips. Tournament Chair – Naomi Nortman, Club Chair – Lily Johannessen. Other chairs will be discussed at the next meeting. FREE PLAYS approved for those who assisted with the food preparation for the Election Swiss (Marion McLaren, Vicki Sutton, Ann Bernson, Judy Mason, Connie Holland), to Priscilla Pavao who organizes the lunches for the NLM Lunch/Lecture series, Steve Bruns for his help with the SUGR awards and Ruben Paet , Webmaster. Iris will prepare the free plays for presentation at the Annual Meeting.

AWARDS: Mary Farrell will pick up the Jim Bishop, Rookie of the Year and Milton Kim awards and have them properly engraved for the new recipients. The Jim Bishop Award will be refurbished. Joining ACBL and Unit 470 at the Regional will establish eligibility for the Rookie of the Year award. Katie will order the Mini McKenney medallions.

NEXT MEETING: 11:00 AM FEBRUARY 20, 2016 at Kilauea District Park.