February 2016 Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President Bob McLaren at 11am on February 20th at the Kiluaea District Park.

Present: Bob McLaren, Katie Fagan, Mary Farrell, Naomi Nortman, Mary Phillips

Minutes: The minutes of January 17, 2016 were approved and will be uploaded to the website.

Treasurer’s Report: Cash balance: $11,797

Mary Phillips will do a proposal for contractor’s pay.

Club Manager: Naomi Nortman and Lily Johannessen are separating the duties for Tournament Chair and Club Chair. The changes were approved. The lecture program will be suspended, because we now do a monthly program for Non Life Masters. We want to change the stratifications for the interisland tournament next year. Wally will be gone for two weeks in March and is looking for a replacement to help us.

Hospitality Chair: March 27th will be the cut off for the annual meeting registration. We will have a non- life master section. We will use the same registration process as last year. Bob will ask Iris to prepare the flyer and forms. The charge will be $10 per person. Mary Phillips is organizing the lunch.

New Business: Bob is going to check on locations for the NAP and GNT District 20 finals.

The Board accepted the resignation of Bill Pearman, who left the Board so that he would be eligible to direct Unit games. We want to officially modify the criteria to deal with a situation when no player with fewer than 10 masterpoints scores at the Regional. We are going to get a cost estimate for padded chairs.

Because people are travelling we did not decide on a date for our next meeting. The annual meeting will be organized by email.

Katie Fagan