May 2016 Minutes



The meeting was called to order by President Bob McLaren at 11:00 a.m. at Kilauea District Park.
Present: Bob McLaren, Iris Chung, Katie Fagan, Mary Farrell, Naomi Nortman, Mary Phillips, Ruth Tschumy. Excused: Lily Johannessen

MINUTES: The minutes of the April 24 meeting were approved and will be uploaded to the website.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Cash Balance $16,151

TOURNAMENT CHAIR REPORT: The City and County of Honolulu has assigned our dates from July to December, 2016 for the Ala Wai Club House. Between the Ala Wai and KDP, the Unit has secured sites for the rest of the year.

HOSPITALITY CHAIR REPORT: Katie has done the Boards for the next two weeks when she will be away. Mary F. will handle the snacks during Katie’s absence

PUBLICITY CHAIR REPORT: May-June Unit 470 News was printed , distributed and is on the website. The programs for the July, September and November sectionals have been sent to ACBL for approval.

MEMBERSHIP CHAIR REPORT: A discussion was held on how to increase participation of private club players in our Unit games and sectionals. Ruth will do a survey of these players to see if there is something the Unit can do to assist in their transition to the Unit games and sectionals.

OLD BUSINESS: Bob will send Iris the photo of the Jim Bishop winners to be uploaded to the website. Mary F. will give the Rookie of the Year trophy to Dennis Goto and Bob Liu will take a photo for the website. The new chairs for KDP should arrive in early June. Katie will contact ACBL to see if the Unit is required to participate in GNT and NAP.

NEW BUSINESS: As a follow up to the meeting with the Directors, Ruth will put together some zero tolerance guidelines for the website. Iris has ordered a coffee pot and will order two more coffee urns to replace the missing pots. Mary F. and Naomi with meet with Wally to check the Ala Wai storage and rearrange items so the coffee pots and other equipment and goods can be locked up.

Next meeting date: June 26, 2016. 11:00 AM at the Ala Wai Club House.