June 2017 Minutes

Agenda Unit 470 Board of Directors Meeting

Kilauea District Park

Sunday, June 25, 2017  11:30 A.M.

  1. Approval of May 7, 2017 meeting minutes - Approved as written

  1. Treasurer’s Report  $17,720 cash on hand. Games and sectionals breaking even. $3000 spent on purchasing new boards.

  1. Tournament Chair Report - C&C rents for Ala Wai and KDP have been paid through end of year.

  1. Club Chair Report – no report

  1. Publicity Chair Report – no report

  1. Membership Chair Report – no report

  1. New Business

A. Creation of Playing Boards – Board member will approach those who might be interested. Suggestion that boards and dealing machine be kept at KDP.

B. Purchase of Bridge Mates - $6000 for 40. HCBUA will assume half the cost. We will need an extra server. Temporary fix to allow Mates to be used for team games. If Mates are upgraded to allow for team games, we need to confirm the upgrade will be free to us.

C. KDP needs an old refrigerator and big fans. Please put KDP request in newsletter.

  1. Next Meeting – September 3, 2017 at KDP, 11:30 am.

Ruth Tschumy, Secretary Pro tem