June Minutes
Minutes of June 19, 2011 Board of Directors Meeting

Members present: Muriel Stitt, Bev Drill, Anne Niethammer, Bob McLaren, John Williams, Marty Leftik, Mary Phillips and Iris Chung.

Vice President John Williams called the meeting to order at 11:20 am at the Ala Wai. The board has accepted, with regret, Laurie Carr’s resignation. The board unanimously approved Gay Conklin to serve the remainder of Laurie’s term. President Muriel Stitt arrived and resumed chairing the meeting. Gay arrived and took her seat on the board.

The minutes of the May 15, 2011 meeting were approved as circulated.

The February 11 through May 11, 2011 Profit and Loss report shows net income loss of $3,104. The Balance Sheet as of May 31, 2011 shows Total Checking/Savings of $14,729 plus other current assets of $1,095 for Total assets of $15,824.

The purchase of a dealing machine is still under consideration.

Laurie Carr has agreed to continue maintaining the Unit website until the end of her term.

The board voted unanimously to name the Kamahamaha Sectional Saturday afternoon July 9th B/C/D pairs game in honor of Luke Han who passed away on June 15th. The board wants to acknowledge his many contributions to the game of bridge. Anne Niethammer will speak in memory of Luke Han.

The board is considering many options to promote our Sunday games. Those options include special games, 0-49, 0-99 games for intermediate/newcomers, a “Tip of the Day” lesson and how to market our games to visitors. Marty Leftik has agreed to form a committee to attract more players to our Sunday games. Marty and the board would appreciate all comments and ideas from Unit 470 members.

The next Board meeting will be held July 17, 2011 at the Ala Wai. Meetings begin at 11:15 unless otherwise noted. The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Niethammer, Secretary, June 26, 2011