July Minutes
Minutes of July 17, 2011 Board of Directors Meeting

Members present: Muriel Stitt, Anne Niethammer, John Williams, Marty Leftik, Gay Conklin and Iris Chung.

President Muriel Stitt called the meeting to order at 11:30 am at the Ala Wai.

The minutes of the June 19, 2011 meeting were approved as circulated.

To be updated at the next meeting.

Marty continues to explore ways to market our Unit games – suggestions include contacting the University of Hawaii, placing game schedules in local newspapers and distributing flyers at local hotel concierge desks. He has contacted the representative of several foreign countries about linking the Unit 470 website to their websites. Gay suggested marketing and sponsoring a “party bridge” duplicate game to encourage party players to come and play at a social duplicate event. Marty and the board would appreciate all comments and ideas from Unit members.

The purchase of a dealing machine is still under consideration.

September Sectional
The board voted unanimously to name the Thirty Five and Counting Saturday afternoon September 17th pairs game in honor of Maizie Ho who recently passed away. The board wants to acknowledge her many years of playing and her love for the game of bridge. Unit members who reached ACBL 35 year membership in 2011 will be honored and presented with card holders and a Unit game free play.

Sectional-at-Sea Update
Muriel commented that more reservations are needed to insure the success of the Sectional. Several suggestions were made to market the January 7-14, 2012 cruise including sending flyers with Unit members who will be attending duplicate events during the summer and fall. Iris will have the current flyer translated into Japanese for easier distribution to the Japan market.

Thank you dinner for Jo Ann Von Elsner
Jo Ann has indicated that Sunday August 21st is best for her. Board members have been asked to save the evening for the dinner; however Jo Ann has asked that she reconfirm closer to the August 21st. date. Anne will follow up in early August.

1) The board voted unanimously to raise Unit game director fees.
2) Wally will ask a Board member at each Academy of the Pacific first Saturday game to be responsible for delivering the boards and bidding boxes to the Ala Wai for the next Sunday game.
3) The board is considering options for the Area Representative to District 20 for the next term.

The next Board meeting will be held August 14, 2011 at the Ala Wai. Meetings begin at 11:15 unless otherwise noted. The meeting was adjourned at 12:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Niethammer, Secretary, July 30, 2011