April Minutes



Minutes of April 15, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting

Members present:  Anne Niethammer, Mary Phillips, Gay ConklinMarty Leftik, Dick Swanson, Bob McLaren, Katie Fagan, Bev Drill and Iris Chung.

President Gay Conklin called the meeting to order at 11:20 at the Ala Wai.

The minutes of the February 26, 2012 meeting were approved as circulated.



Mary Phillips distributed the Balance Sheet as of March 31, 2012.  The Unit has Cash in Bank of $11,350 and Total Other Assets of $1,937 for Total Assets of $13,287. The February through March Profit and Loss statement shows a loss of $4,105. Mary reported the insurance for our monthly meeting held at the Academy of the Pacific has been renewed with State Farm through 4/1/2013.



Membership – Marty Leftik sent e-mails to all mentees asking for their evaluation of their mentor and the program in general. Of the few who responded, the feedback was generally positive. Other options are being considered forexpanding and modifying the program.

Tournament – Bev Drill has contacted the City and County to secure July thru December 2012 dates for our games at the Ala Wai.  To date there has been no response from C&C.

Web Site Manager – Dick Swanson and Gay, website committee of two, reviewed three approaches to getting a new website. We could design one in-house and maintain it ourselves, pay a developer a one-time fee and own/operate the site ourselves or have a developer design, implement and maintain a site for a monthly fee.  Bev made a motion to set up a website with Bridge Club Manager @ $20.00 a month.  The motion carried unanimously.  

Publicity Iris Chung will make copies of an updated Unit roster and make them available to the membership.  The Unit 470 Saturday/Sunday, April – July schedule has been distributed and includes the May 18-20th Jim Hopkins Sectional and Kamehameha Sectional game schedulesThere will be no separate newsletter as the game and Sectional information has been published and distributed at Sunday Unit games. There will be no separate director for the May 19th  0-100 game.

Hospitality Chair – Katie confirmed no lunches will be served on future lecture daysBev and Katie will make dessert for the April 22nd lecture. Thank you Bev and Katie.



Dealing Machine – Bob McLaren distributed a handout summarizing the basics of the PlayBridgeDealer4 machine.Issues to be determined and discussed include financing, storage, service and support and who would be assigned the task of preparing the boards.  Bob will prepare a proposal suggesting shared financing to HCBUA and present to the Unit 470 board members for comments.  Bev will talk to the directors about using the machine and get their input concerning preparing the boards.



ACBL Board of Governors - The Board is soliciting names/nominations for our three positions. The position is for three years and elections by the Units will take place  June – August. If interested, please contact President Gay Conklin.

Location and Date for 2013 Annual Meeting – Mid- February is being suggested and possible sites include Fort Shafter and the Hale Koa HotelFurther discussion is postponed until the next meeting.

Results of 2012 Annual Survey - Mary tabulated the results of the survey that was distributed at the February 19thAnnual meeting; the results were inconclusive as many respondents voted for more than one option.

Reporting of game results – the consensus is directors should post their results on the club website and beresponsible for reporting their results to the ACBL in a timely manner. Dick Lanke will continue producing the monthly report.

The next meeting will be held Sunday, May 13th at the Ala Wai. Please note this meeting will start at 11:00The meeting was adjourned at 12:40 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Anne Niethammer, Secretary, April 26, 2012