February minutes


Minutes of February 26, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting

Members Present: Iris Chung, Bev Drill, Katie Fagan, Mary Leftik, Bob McLaren, Mary Phillips and Dick Swanson.

Vice-President Bob McLaren called then meeting to order at 11:10 at Uraku Towers (hosted by Iris Chung)

The minutes of the February 12 meeting were approved as amended



We approved the following payments related to the Annual Meeting:

Director Steve Bruns; $125

Assistant Director Laurie Carr:  $100

Preparation of Boards Laurie Carr: $75

Transportation, Setup/Takedown Dennis Lee and Wally Young: $125 each



The Browns will direct the March 3 game at AOP and the Kodama’s the May 5 game.  This is an experiment in developing new directors.  If things go well, we hope that they will direct at additional Saturday AOP games. For the above dates, we agreed to pay these “teams” the regular director fee of $120 plus a caddy fee of $30.  Our intention is eventually to have just one person direct these games, as we do with the regular Sunday games.  However, we agreed to maintain the $120 + $30 fee for up to four games for each team, should they agree to continue. This is to encourage the development of new directors.



Wally Young has agreed to handle the bank deposits.  The fee for this service is $20 per deposit. Mary will ask Wally whether he would also handle the reporting of results to ACBL.  If Wally agrees, Mary will arrange a transition of this function from Dick Lanke to Wally.  Finally, Mary will ask Wally to be responsible for the "bank" for each game.  Unit funds will be used for this purpose, eliminating any need for Directors to use their own funds for the bank.  Once the expanded scope of Wally's duties has been finalized, we will adjust his

Club Manager Fee (currently $35) to reflect the increased responsibilities.


MARCH 10 0-99 GAME

We discussed the Saturday 0-99 game at the upcoming sectional.  Bev explained the reason for having Busaba assist in the direction of this special game, and confirmed that Busaba had volunteered to do this, as well as to encourage participation.  We decided not to offer any financial consideration for Busaba's service on this occasion.  After the sectional, Bev will write a thank you note to Busaba.  Also, the Board will evaluate the need for having directing assistance for the 0-99 game and establish a policy in this regard before the next such game.  We also discussed other ways to recognize Busaba's very substantial contributions to bridge development.



For the next few weeks, we will poll the players (show of hands) at the Unit games as to whether or not they wish to have a potluck lunch on lecture days. The next lecture is April 22.



The next meeting will be on Sunday April 15 at the Ala Wai at 11:15 unless otherwise noted.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:15.


Respectfully submitted,

Bob McLaren, Vice-President, March 6, 2012