July Minutes



Minutes of July 15, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting

Members present:  Anne Niethammer, Mary Phillips, Dick Swanson, Bob McLaren, Bev Drill, Gay Conklin, IrisChung and Marty Leftik.

President Gay Conklin called the meeting to order at 11:05 at the Ala Wai.

The minutes of the June 172012 meeting were approved as circulated.



Mary Phillips distributed the Treasurer’s report as of June 30, 2012.  The Unit has Cash in Bank of $31,299 andOther Assets of $1,407 for Total Assets of $32,706. The February through June 2012 Profit and Loss statement shows a Net Income of $15,314. Mary reported we are breaking even on our sectional games.



Membership – Marty introduced a discussion for marketing our Unit games.  Ideas include sponsoring party/social games, distributing a newsletter to various groups such as AARP, and continuing the mentoring program with an emphasis on encouraging mentees to play in the Unit games. The Ala Wai is available for two-hour slots during the day.  As there are players who are looking for mentors – Marty is working to keep the mentoring program going.Our Unit 470 membership has dropped below 400 members.


Tournament – Bev announced the mentor/mentee game held on July 21st was a success. The “Eight-Is-Enough” Swiss team game will be August 12th.  Player points will be determined as follows: 1500+MPs = 3750-1499MPs=2 and 0-749=1. No team can have more than eight player points. Bev will make the decision about the format for the September 21-23rd  35 Years and Counting Sectional Swiss Team events.


Web Site Manager – Dick announced the new website is up and running and will wait to officially direct members to the new site.


PublicityIris Chung announced that unit information has been sent to the new website companyEndurtechThe July –September Unit game schedule will be distributed soon.



Dealing Machine – Our proposal will be on the agenda for the HCBUA meeting on August 5thBob will report theoutcome to the Unit board.

Annual meeting - The Annual Meeting will be held February 17th, 2013 - location to be determined.


Leadership Development Committee – Gary Rosenthal will arrange for volunteers to take the Bridge Pads to the Academy of the Pacific for the Saturday games.


I/N Coordinator – Busaba Williams was contacted to be the Coordinator and she responded she was already fillingthat position.  



Sunset Bridge Club on Kauai has requested that Unit 470 grant them permission to hold a “Unit 470” Sectional on Kauai on April 5-7, 2013. ACBL requires a membership of at least 100 to hold a sectional. The Kauai club would assume all financial responsibility.  The decision was postponed until the August meeting.

Supplies – the board decided to purchase 32 new bidding boxes and leave the older boxes at the Academy so boxes won’t have to be carried back and forth.  Wally indicated we need ~ 14 new tables for the Ala Wai. Approval was given to purchase the tables.


The next meeting will be held SundayAugust 19th at the Ala Wai at 11:00 am.


Respectfully submitted,

Anne Niethammer, Secretary, August 4,2012