August Minutes



Minutes of August 19, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting

Members present:  Anne Niethammer, Mary Phillips, Dick Swanson, Bob McLaren, Bev Drill, Gay Conklin, IrisChung and Marty Leftik, Katie Fagan.

President Gay Conklin called the meeting to order at 11:05 at the Ala Wai.

The minutes of the July 15, 2012 meeting were approved as circulated.



Mary Phillips distributed the Treasurer’s report as of July 31, 2012.  The Unit has Cash in Bank of $30,973 andOther Assets of $521 for Total Assets of $31,494The February through July 2012 Profit and Loss statement shows a Net Income of $14,102. As part of the report, Mary presented a Profit & Loss report for sectionals from March, 2009 through July, 2012. Net income was -$2,326. The negative income was due in part to expenses related to hiring a Director from the mainland.



Membership –Marty Leftik continues the mentoring program and appreciates input on various ways to increase attendance at Unit and Sectional games.  One suggestion is to poll the many players who are Unit members but seldom play in our Unit games. Is it transportation problems, lack of partners or other reasons? Perhaps the boardcould assist.

Tournament – Bev Drill will reserve the Ala Wai for the March, May and July Sectionals. Laurie Carr will continue heading up the director recruitment/training program.

Web Site Manager – Dick Swanson. Two motions were passed by the board.   

The old website will be shut down as of 9/03/12 or as soon thereafter as is feasible.  Players will be given advanced notice of the shutdown and the address of the new site via the revolving banner on Players should visit the new site - Until shutdown, there will be a link to the new website.

All game directors will be notified no later than 8/20/12 to cease posting scores on the old site as of 9/03/12. The directors will tell players to begin using exclusively as of 9/03/12 to check their scores.

It is suggested Hawaii Unit 469 and Maui Unit 471 have button links on  Visitors to Hawaii who plan to visit these islands would have access to outer island game information.

PublicityIris Chung announced that unit information has been sent to the new website companyEndurtech but has not yet been posted. The July –September Unit game schedule has been distributed as has the September 21-23 Sectional game schedule.  Iris has printed Free Play cards that will be awarded by HCBUA to winners of the Saturday, September 22nd Stratified Pairs 0-100 events.  



Annual meeting - The Annual Meeting will be held February 17th, 2013 at the Ala Wai. Time and schedule will be announced later.

Dealing Machine - A motion was made, seconded and approved to purchase the PlayBridgeDealer4 from Baron Barclay.  Then listed price without shipping/handling is $4,400.

Sectionals – The board decided to keep the same five sectional schedule for 2013.  The request by Sunset Bridge Club on Kauai to approve a Unit 470 Sectional on Kauai was approved.  More information is needed from ACBL before plans can be finalized. The Kauai club would be responsible for all financial obligations of the Sectional.  



Dick will seek clarification of all corrections and additions to the website to be made while Manny is still providing free design services. Dick would like a backup person or team to be able to learn, help with and take over the website while he is traveling.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:30. The next meeting will be held Sunday September 16, 2012 at the Ala Wai at 11:00 am.


Respectfully submitted,

Anne Niethammer, Secretary, September 12, 2012