November Minutes
Minutes of  November 11, 2012  Board  of Directors Meeting
Members present:  Anne Niethammer, Dick Swanson, Gay Conklin, Mary Phillips, Iris Chung, Katie Fagan and Bev Drill.
Excused:  Marty Leftik and Bob McLaren  
President Gay Conklin called the meeting to order at 11:20 at the Ala Wai.
Dick Swanson made a motion, seconded by Bev Drill and the board approved the October minutes as circulated.    
Mary Phillips distributed the Treasurer’s report.  The Balance Sheet as of October 31, 2012 shows total cash in Bank of $29,225.  Prepaid Expenses are $771 for Total Current Assets of $28,454.  The Profit and Loss February through October 2012 shows Net Income of $11,062.
Membership –No Report
Hospitality – Katie Fagan announced she is buying snacks for Friday and Saturday for the November 16-18th Sectional. Lunch will be provided on Sunday, November 18th.
Tournament – Bev Drill continues to contact the City and County to confirm our Sunday Unit game dates for 2013.
She announced Godfrey Chang will lecture on January 13th at 12:00 – the subject is “It’s the Count”.  Bring your own lunch. The game on the 13th is “8 is Enough”.  Sunday, January 6th will be a game at AOP starting at 1:30.  Bev will contact the AOP to secure the site for Saturday, June 8th for the Worldwide Bridge Contest.  This contest is sponsored by the World Bridge Federation and is played by clubs all over the world. Bev distributed a Game Schedule for January-April 6th 2013.  Please check the website for the complete schedule. Wally has found a printer in storage in working condition for use at the AOP.  This printer will remain at the Academy.
 Web Site Manager – Dick Swanson has contacted the Website Manager about implementing a partnership- matching option on the site. Also suggested is a way to have a Newsletter and Marketing system. Godfrey has agreed to look at bridge hands that are submitted and he would review and make comments.
Publicity- Iris Chung will prepare the Winter Newsletter which will include the slate of candidates for the December Election. The Newsletter will include a summary of upcoming Special Games.  The newsletter will be available for distribution at the November Sectional.
Annual meeting - The Annual Meeting will be held February 17th, 2013 at the Ala Wai. Time and schedule will be announced later.  
Development of dealing machine policies – No report.
Fragrance Free Policy – members are asked to refrain from wearing perfumes or scents on game days.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 pm. The next meeting will be held Sunday January 20th at the Ala Wai. The starting time is 11:00 am.  New board members will be invited to attend.
Respectfully submitted,
Anne Niethammer, Secretary, November 22, 2012