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2015 San Diego Regional
Congratulations to Knockout FINALISTS at the recent San Diego Regional: Karla Claybaugh, Yasuko Shrenzel, Ron Resnick, Marion McLaren
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Milton Kim Award
Milton Kim was a former member of our Unit who was outstanding in his commitment to be welcoming and courteous to everyone who came to his table. Each year this award is given to a current Unit member who has shown a similar dedication to making dup ...
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Hawaii Jr Regional Trophy (Rookie of the Year Awar ...
This award, also known as the Rookie of the Year Award, is a competition among Unit members who have five masterpoints or fewer at the end of the year. The award goes to the member of that group that scores the most masterpoints in the following Ja ...
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Wailupe Community Park
Club pictures
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Jim Bishop Award
Winner photos
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