About Unit 470




Unit 470 is part of geographical Area 4 within District 20 of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).  It is registered with the State of Hawaii as a not-for-profit organization. We have a Federal ID number and are a Federal (and State) 501(c)(4) organization (educational entity).   As per the Bylaws found in another section of this website, the management of all business, property, interests and other affairs of Unit 470 is vested in its Board of Directors.  The nine Directors, all of whom must be members of the Unit, serve without compensation for performing their duties as directors, but may be authorized by the Board to receive advancement of or reimbursement for expenditures made on behalf of Unit 470.  We also have individuals (Game Directors, Club Managers and Setup Staff) who provide services to Unit 470 asindependent contractors.

In addition to the Unit Board itself, the Board has a relationship with the Hawaii Contract Bridge Units Association (HCBUA) since the Unit Board appoints 7 of the 9 available HCBUA board members. The Unit Board has no formal relationship with any other Bridge organizations;however, information about one other organization, the Hawaii Bridge Center (HBC), is included here because it shares many of the goals of the Unit 470 Board and the Unit members.



Hawaii Contract Bridge Units Association (HCBUA)


Back in the 1960s, our annual Regional Tournament was run by Western Conference. After  a great deal of effort on the part of local bridge player leaders (Tom Lum being a prominent member of this group) the tournament was brought under local Hawaii control. In the 1980s, the tournament was foundering. Tom Lum and others advanced their own monies or co-signed loans to keep the Regional going. Since that time, under careful financial control, the Regional has prospered.  While HCBUA’s primary focus has been our annual Regional event, one of its objectives is to promote bridge playing and bridge tournaments.  Financial support for various activities that benefit the bridge community, such as training of bridge teachers and game directors, and the purchase of  expensive equipment, has been provided to Unit 470 and clubs.

The HCBUA Board currently has nine member positions, although the by-Laws allow up to 12. Of those positions, seven are appointed by the Unit 470 Board and one each from the Big Island and Maui.  HCBUA appointees serve a two-year term starting February 1. Three Oahu members are appointed in one year and four Oahu members are appointed the following year.

Current (2022) HCBUA Board Members:

Larry Denneau, Chair
Glenn Mason
Jack Patnode, Maui Island
Alan Kosansky 
Jim Cheney, Hawaii Island 
Lily Johannessen 
Mary Phillips, Treasurer
Arun Savara 
Penny Kallaus, Hawaii Island




Hawaii Bridge Center


Hawaii Bridge Center: This is an entirely separate entity which received recognition in March, 2008, as a section 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Its stated purpose is "to engage primarily in improving the critical thinking skills, math skills, and social interaction skills of individuals by teaching them duplicate bridge and to provide a facility or facilities for training, teaching and playing bridge." The HBC is a public education charity and contributions to HBC are eligible as charitable contributions on income and estate tax returns. Tax deductible gifts can be made while the contributor is alive or through a provision in a will.

In 2021, HBC contributed $40K to the ACBL Educational Foundation to help kick-start their program providing beginner bridge lessons to middle school students across the United States. The program has been a great success. We hope to acquire funds by way of contributions and grants to provide for a permanent facility for bridge players in Hawaii to enjoy this great game. For information regarding making a contribution, contact one of our director members.

Leo Williams, President
Will Williams, VP/Treasurer
Steve Bruns, Secretary